Scott Hess

Scott Hess

Scott Hess lives in a state of change.

Scott Hess has spent 16 years helping families and children adapt and navigate in an ever-confusing world. After earning a degree in Psychology from Weber State University and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University, Scott began his career working with juvenile sex offenders in locked facilities, eventually moving to residential and wilderness programs as a Counselor, Clinical Director, and Executive Director.

As Clinical Director of Wingate Wilderness Therapy, Scott works with teens and their families to break through the often calloused and hardened shell of severely oppositional children to reach core issues and create marked change. By immersing participants in the simple power of the open wilderness, the program helps illuminate the complex and interconnected nature of society and addresses deep life challenges. With unyielding zeal, Scott builds relationships of trust and respect, enabling students to find and redesign themselves, and to heal their relationships.

Throughout his career, Scott’s focus on his own development – always looking to become better skilled and prepared to intervene in ways that promote success – has helped him gain a solid reputation as an industry leader. But perhaps more importantly, that focus has helped Scott and his wife raise their four children.

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