Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan dressed up like a super hero for 180 straight days in the first grade, which marked the beginning of his life as an iconoclast, an observer, a theorist and a performer. Now, as a founding partner of Undercurrent, a digital strategy firm based in New York, he advises global brands and organizations like PepsiCo, Ford and LiveNation on their future in an increasingly technophilic world.

In addition to consulting, Aaron is currently working on a book regarding the convergence of games and everyday life. Aaron has brought his ideas to life for McDonald’s, Virgin, PepsiCo, Leo Burnett, Columbia College, The University of Colorado and Interesting New York.

Prior to founding Undercurrent, Aaron was a partner in the brand strategy firm Brandplay, a frontman for the indie rock band Waking Rothko, a sponsored inline skater, a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, an actor, an armchair philosopher and an avid (and incredibly forgiving) movie goer.

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