Jay Parkinson

Jay Parkinson, MD

Fast Company calls him The Doctor of the Future and Esquire Magazine called him one of 2009’s Best and Brightest Radicals & Rebels Who Are Changing the World. Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH is a doctor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who uses his experience in both clinical and preventive medicine to design consumer experiences and business opportunities that create health. Trained in preventive medicine and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins, when Jay realized just what a mess the healthcare system is, with inefficient delivery processes and frustrating experiences, he decided to figure out a way it could be simpler. So he co-founded Hello Health, a novel way of experiencing healthcare via a Facebook-like platform that uses office visits, email, instant messaging, and video chat to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship, and founded a design firm, The Future Well, focused on creating the future of health and well-being.

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