Sakchin Bessette

Sakchin Bessette

The creative force behind projects hailed as exemplary achievements in the world of multimedia, Sakchin Bessette knows how to make a scene.

A background in photography, keen intuition, sensitivity to the image, an ability to communicate and navigate different media, and a view of media as an essential component of any environment led Sakchin Bessette to his chosen means of expression. The world of special events provided an experimental canvas for creating unique, memorable moments through the synchronization of performance, lighting, video projection and sound, practices he consolidated by founding Montreal-based Moment Factory.

Sharing a passion for pushing back the frontiers of media production and showcasing both technological and artistic ingenuity, Bessette and his team are responsible for countless groundbreaking multimedia projects including the Beatles Revolution Bar at The Mirage, Las Vegas and Celebrity Cruises’ Bar at the Edge of the Earth.

Past Presentations

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