Randy Fielding

Randy Fielding

Randy Fielding is taking architecture back to school.

Chairman and founding partner of Fielding Nair International (FNI), an award-winning architecture and education firm with studios in Minneapolis, Tampa, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Melbourne, Randall Fielding’s mission is to empower people of all ages to take charge of their own learning by providing them with light-filled, richly varied environments that unleash the passion for learning.

An internationally recognized authority on school design, Randy has received numerous design awards, including the 2007 CEFPI Planner of the Year Award — the most prestigious honor any individual in the field of educational design can attain. One of his ‘signatures’ is his ability to share ideas with political leaders, educators, and children with equal passion. This spirit of sharing extends to more than a million people each year through DesignShare.com, an online forum for innovative learning environments that he founded in 1998. He serves as DesignShare’s creative director, but the focus of his work is on leading communities in the design of environmentally responsive campuses that foster personalized learning and strong connections to the community.

Randy’s design work leverages more than 500 projects in 30 countries — the largest library of innovative school designs in the world. The interactive planning and design process pioneered by FNI is also grounded in a seminal book that Randy co-authored with partner Prakash Nair entitled The Language of School Design, which establishes key learning modalities and design patterns for success in the creative age. Randy uses these research-based design patterns as a launching point for developing customized solutions for individual communities, campuses, schools or districts that FNI works with.

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