For Eems, a ukulele isn’t just a ukulele. It’s a jumping off point that leads to an uncharted and often unpredictable world of sound and inspiration. Blending the ukelele with loops and effects to achieve a captivating blend of R&B and pop music, Eems has used his unique sounds, voice and sense of humor to connect with crowds across the country.

His musical journey began at a very early age when he learned to play drums and piano, which led him to rapping and singing, and of course to the ukelele! Eems has opened for and worked with numerous hip-hop artists including Slick Rick The Ruler and GLC, and he has performed at events including the SXSW Music Festival, Boulevardia 2016/2017, Middle of the Map Fest 2017, and Hallmark CLS 2017. And in addition to performing, Eeems produces and engineers his own music, and shoots and edits his own videos.


Past Presentations

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