Cecilie Tassone

Cecilie Tassone wants to make surgery practice perfect.

A biomedical engineer and entrepreneur, Cecilie is co-founder and CEO of PraxiCut, a Chicago-based company focused on developing affordable, realistic surgical practice models that can be used to help physicians learn and practice surgical procedures. PraxiCut’s surgical models look and feel like real human tissues, and are compatible with the minimally-invasive surgical tools that physicians can expect to find in the operating room.

Since co-founding PraxiCut shortly after graduation from Illinois Institute of Technology, Cecilie has spearheaded research and development, created and secured the company’s core intellectual property, and forged strategic alignments with clinical institutions.

With a fervor to improve healthcare, Cecilie is passionate about designing physical products at an affordable price-point, and in her spare time, enjoys cooking, reading novels and travelling.


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