Big City Swing

Big City Swing

Big City Swing knows how to get things hopping.

The dance and music of the Jazz Age crosses generational and cultural boundaries. Enjoyed as a social activity and celebrated at hundreds of festivals and competitions globally, contemporary enthusiasts have continued to build on the creativity of the originators through innovative styling and choreography.

Chicago’s premier school for East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop instruction, Big City Swing has produced several of the country’s top performers, instructors, and social dancers. Providing group and private dance lessons to at least 200 students from beginner to pre-professional every month, Big City Swing has been a staple in Chicago’s social dance scene for over a decade. Big City Swing’s team of highly trained, competitively successful performers and instructors are known for their mastery of the dance and sense of humor. With each dancer bringing something unique to the floor, they embody the true spirit of Lindy Hop: music, fun and creativity.

Artistic Director Jenna Stworzyjanek teaches, performs and competes, leading a professional performance troupe that specializes in high-flying aerials, impeccably choreographed vintage routines and dynamic improvised dances. She performed a version of the seminal ensemble dance number Hellzapoppin’ (from the eponymous 1941 film) for more than 2,500 people at the 2011 JumpSession Show in Seattle, and her recent competition wins include the 2009, 2010 and 2011 LoneStar Lindy Hop Championships, the 2013 Hawkeye Swing Dance Festival, and the 2012 American Lindy Hop Championships.

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