Sanat Bhole

Sanat Bhole

Sanat Bhole wants to take innovations out of the laboratory and bring them to the home.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois (where he received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering), Sanat is a self-described ‘car guy.’ As president and co-founder of the Illini EcoConcept team, he led a group of students who designed and fabricated hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the Shell Ecomarathon Competition. Despite choosing to exceed the competition criteria by increasing the practicality, comfort, and usability of their vehicles for city driving, the team took first place in their division in 2012 and second place in 2013.

Currently investigating nano- and micro-fabrication techniques to develop flexible, skin mountable electronics – deformable, stretchable, and wearable devices that will eventually reach consumers and impact numerous industries – Sanat is confident that such devices may one day enable doctors to monitor biological parameters non-invasively and dynamically, and allow consumer electronics to become smaller, more adaptable and more personal. He’s also working with the Army Corps of Engineers to analyze and implement distributed generation systems that can decentralize power production and improve energy security and reliability. Particularly important for mission critical resources, the concept is equally applicable in residential scenarios where a smart, distributed energy grid can help to lower costs and reduce power interruptions.

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