Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton doesn’t know how to give up.

As a designer, inventor and start-up founder, Tom’s career has been peppered with success and failure in equal measure, but his enthusiasm for design is relentless, as his desire to make a difference.

An ebullient Brit, his imaginative ideas are sparked by experience and keen observation. His work, recognized for excellence by Green Dot Awards, 100% Design London and Thinking Digital Startup Competition among others, includes WakeYoo, the recordable alarm clock (because we all have more imagination than a beep); the award-winning Firewinder wind-powered light; and BubblePix 360° panoramic imaging devices, because the world isn’t flat.

Tom has appeared on numerous design-related television shows including serving as a judge on the BBC’s My Genius Idea. He recently finished filming his first prime time TV series for Channel 4 Factual Entertainment, a show that follows Tom as he looks at the world through the eyes of his six year old son Barney and attempts to reinvent the way we live. Sounds ambitious? It is. Tom says he now knows exactly what it’s like to jump off a cliff and build a hand glider on the way down.

Tom believes that life is what you make it and that finding the right motivation is the key to unlocking your potential. If, as Winston Churchill said, the measure of success is in maintaining enthusiasm through failure, then Tom is swinging from the top of the tree.


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