Sandor Weisz

Sandor Weisz

Sandor Weisz practices ABS: always be solving.

As a kid, Sandor spent most of his summer camp time designing large scale mystery hunts and games. Despite growing up, graduating from Northwestern University and moving into a software development career, he continued to play games, and realized that he missed creating those hunts. So for his thirtieth birthday, he committed to building one for his friends (a hunt he considers a failure on some levels, since everyone had fun but no one came close to actually finishing it!) that has spawned eight annual iterations of increasing quality that have been held at awesome Chicago locations such as the Art Institute, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Harold Washington Library.

Formerly lead designer at EveryBlock, when he’s not working on designing his next Puzzle Hunt, Sandor teaches front-end design and coding at the Starter League.


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