Ronni Abergel

Ronni Abergel is founder of the Human Library Organization, where instead of books, real people with real stories are on loan to readers.

Born and raised in Denmark, with stints living in Egypt and the U.S., Ronni first got involved in non-violence activism after a friend was stabbed in Copenhagen. After co-founding the Stop The Violence Movement, an NGO that achieved national recognition for its work with young people, he established The Human Library Organization (Menneskebiblioteket) to help further implementation of the concept and methodology behind Stop The Violence.

Ronni is currently focusing on an expansion project to establish ten new Human Library Book Depots across Denmark. He’s also working on developing an app to bring HLO’s books online, and the organization is currently helping to introduce the Human Library concept into South Africa, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Mongolia and Israel.


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