Rita J King

Rita J. King

Rita J. King’s lifelong passion for science started in childhood when she first learned about quarks. Today she’s Executive Vice President for Business Development at Science House and a Senior Fellow for Social Networking and Immersive Technologies at the Center of the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington, DC.

She founded Dancing Ink Productions, a company with global clients focused on a new culture and economy and, with collaborator Joshua Fouts, most recently co-directed IMAGINATION: Creating the Future of Education and Work, an interactive project for educators focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. She has also served as Innovator-in-Residence at IBM’s Analytics Virtual Center.

A frequent international speaker on the subject of productive creative collaboration and the cultural and economic implications of the Imagination Age, Rita and her work have been featured in or on The New York Times, The Village Voice, FOX News, The O’Reilly Factor, Press TV, TIME, CNN, NPR, The Guardian, BBC, Boing Boing, Wired, New World Notes, MSNBC’s The News with Brian Williams, VentureBeat and strategy+business, among others.

Her art explores the creation of meaningful common space.

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