Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

British comic book writer Paul Jenkins has played a significant role in shaping the characters of Marvel Comics over the past decade.

After earning an English degree in his native UK, he moved to the US, joining Mirage Studios as editor/ production manager on projects including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He eventually pitched his writing to several companies, landing a gig for DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, where he took over as writer of Hellblazer and began a four year stint that would gain him attention in the American comic industry.

Paul’s Marvel Comics career began in 1998, when he revived some of the company’s horror properties including Werewolf By Night. He and artist Jae Lee were responsible for launching the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Marvel Knights series Inhumans, earning Jenkins an Eisner Award, which of course he never showed up to collect.

Jenkins and Lee also collaborated on The Sentry, and Paul went on to become the regular writer on the The Incredible Hulk, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, and Wolverine, penning the multi award winning Wolverine: Origin in 2000, and the smash hit Civil War: Frontlines in 2005.

Jenkins is also prolific in the video game medium, having worked on several top-tier titles including the Legacy of Kain, Twisted Metal Black and God of War series.

Oh, and he says he’s writing music with “some British tart.”

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