Léa Peersman Pujol

Léa Peersman Pujol thinks about people. A lot.

As Talent Community Curator at SYPartners, she’s building a next-gen talent network called SYPand, working with people, organizations, and communities to help them grow in a more human way.

Léa received her MBA from MIT Sloan, where she focused on how current states of the art, technology, and science impact the way people connect, learn, and build their paths. At MIT she founded the Future of People conference and collaborated with Steelcase on their Insight Led Experience team, enabling C-suite leaders to better understand the talent revolution as it relates to physical space. Originally from the Basque Country, Léa spent the last 15 years hopping between Paris, Beijing, Geneva, London, Barcelona, and the US. She received a Masters in Strategy from NEOMA Business School, invested in education globally for the Rothschild Foundations, built ESSEC Business School’s research department on complexity management while leading their digital transformation, and became a thought leader and teacher in the future of education and work.

Léa is the creator of two NGOs: The School of Philanthropy, a service learning program for French children, and Cartes Blanches, a think tank geared toward career building in the knowledge economy.


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