Kel Smith

Kel Smith

Kel Smith’s goal is to remove barriers that separate people from fundamental human needs.

A longtime advocate for the disenfranchised technology consumer, Kel is principal of Anikto LLC, a design innovation company. Named after the Greek word for ‘open’, Anikto is focused on building real world solutions based on insights from real world users. In 2013 Kel launched Aisle Won, a nutrition support platform bringing healthy, affordable food to urban neighborhoods. Within eight months, the first Aisle Won pilot increased food assistance revenue by 580%. Additional pilots are scheduled for 2014 launches in at least four U.S. cities.

The author of the book Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind, Kel’s presentation credits span over 50 cities in six countries, and his articles have appeared in publications worldwide. He lives and works in Philadelphia and New York City.


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