Jeanette Andrews

Jeanette Andrews

Jeanette Andrews designs the impossible.

Seeing Siegfried and Roy on television as a four year old prompted her to present her first ever magic show to her preschool class. Today, after running her own business since the age of six (she was hired to perform magic by a local park district!), Jeanette has performed for thousands live and countless others on television.

Drawing on her studies in philosophy, psychology and art, she combines magic with performance and visual arts, movement and audience participation to provoke people into contemplating the nature of physical space and the power of the perceptual act itself.

Jeanette has lectured across the country on the ontological nature of magic and creativity, and has produced and performed numerous one-woman shows, including her most recent sold-out run, Lumia. Her modern, elegant performances have left audiences enthralled and enchanted, and ultimately gained the admiration of the legendary Roy (who had inspired her love of magic) who said in 2011, “She is very talented, setting a great example for young people to learn respect for the art.”

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