Justine Ezarik

A freelance graphic/web designer and video editor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she’s best known as iJustine, a lifecaster / video blogger who broadcast almost every aspect of her daily life directly to her legions of fans through ijustine.tv for over 6 months. Although she tried not to change her personal routine as she lived virtually 24/7 online, she would vocalize her thoughts by talking to herself for the benefit of her audience, concerned herself more with what people around her might be saying, and recognized the personal safety issues that resulted from being findable by anyone with an internet connection and a means of transportation.

Justine has also produced more than 200 videos, including the infamous “300-page iPhone Bill,” which quickly became an internet meme after stories of unexpected billing issues began to circulate in blogs and the technical press following the iPhone’s heavily advertised and anticipated release. The video was viewed more than 3 million times in ten days, and was later reported to have reached over 11 million total views.

Ms. Ezarik has made appearances on Macbreak, hosts a weekly show Chatfest, blogs daily at ijustine.com and placed second overall in the 2006 Yahoo Talent Show. She has been interviewed by USA Today, ABC News, CNN and Fox News Channel among others. In a live telephone interview on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” interviewer Robert Siegel noted that he could see Ms. Ezarik’s lifecast video stream of the interview on his computer as he was interviewing her. Featured along with Justin Kan – the creator of Justin.TV – in a weekly installment of Kevin Sites’ “People of the Web” on Yahoo! News, Sites referred to her as “the star of this network.”

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