Jason Caldeira, Brian Fifield and Dave Moran are Helicopters.

The very definition of ‘independent band’, Helicopters aren’t just ‘indie’ stylistically but are ‘independent’ in every aspect of the creative and business process. The same three guys handle everything from writing, recording, production and mastering to marketing, design, publicity and booking, starting their own label, FlyCasual Records, in 2005 and releasing music by Helicopters and others.

Content sitting in a chair of prolificacy, Helicopters have released seven albums — 4 full-lengths and 3 EPs — each an exercise in the lush, layered interpolation of seemingly disparate sounds, organic textures and electrified glitch, all wrapped in a blanket of cozy pop songwriting. They’ve played Lollapalooza, performed with bands such as Athlete, The Smoking Popes and Au Revoir Simone, and received critical acclaim with several albums. Their latest release, “The Honey and the Hiss,” may have you wondering how this band has flown under your radar for so long.

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