Alex Rose

Alex Rose is in love.

With a B.S. in Biology, an M.S. in Aquatic Biology, and a wide variety of experience in the biological sciences including bioacoustics research, science writing, teaching, public presentation, and aquatic animal husbandry and breeding, Alex is a lover of all things aquatic.

Currently the Science Editor and a principle writer for Ocean Geographic Magazine, the Managing Editor for Ocean Geographic Explorers (OGX), a freelance science writer and editor, a photographer, an Explorers Club Fellow, and a PADI Divemaster, Alex is also a professional violinist who composes music for ocean-themed films and exhibitions.

With a driving goal to find ways to protect our world’s precious marine habitats, she recently founded Blue Ring, Inc., a Benefit Corporation that activates a new method of ocean conservation accessible to and inclusive of everyone who wants to better understand and protect our seas. A $25 annual membership allows people to ‘marry’ the ocean, an act for which they receive a ring made of recycled ocean plastic, and provide funding for globally significant ocean exploration and conservation projects that will positively shape the future.

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